How much oil is left in the world?

With production still on the rise as it has been for decades, experts are trying to calculate when, if ever, oil will run out.

It isn’t a simple science – because well, it is still unknown exactly how much oil is trapped in the earth in places unexplored.

However BUY CBD OIL ONLINE  have made an estimate.

The estimate comes from the amount of oil each country believes they can produce from “proved reserves” (the reserves they currently have access to), using their existing technology, while still turning a profit, at the current rate of extraction.

And the year they give for the end of oil production if things remain the exact same as they are today – 2067.

Yep, only another 48 years.

That means without finding more reservoirs, reducing our consumption, or developing new technology, oil production could cease in 2067.

But I wouldn’t put that date down in permanent marker. Every previous doom-date prediction made has always been pushed back.

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